Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Consoles VS Computer

Hey guys it's Nico again. This time I will be discussing a topic people have many different opinions about. I will be talking about what is better for playing video games; Gaming Consoles or computers. I won't be bias so let's get right into it.

First, let us take a look at what is availbale on the market right now. For gaming consoles we have the highly popular Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. All three are very impressive consoles, each with it's own weakness' and strongsuit's. The strongest argument one could make is that consoles are very cheap and won't need any further upgrading. You pay around $300 and you won't have to waste anymore money for any parts (like graphic card, processor, etc.), that require upgrading. With consoles you get everything that you need for gaming. One problem with that is the fact that there are specific parts built into the console that, over time, get maxed out by the ever evolving game engines. Some game developers have to face those challenges when they have to make sure the console won't be overstressed when running their game. That means some developers can't show off the games true potential on consoles, which is where the computer comes in. Computers aren't purely for gaming purposes, but thankfully that's why there are companies like Alienware, who build computers primarily for gaming. Computers can handle much more than consoles if you have the right parts. Generally, computers have way better graphics than any of the consoles and they also run more smoothly. However, that is only if you have the right components, which is why most people buy consoles rather than computers. Computers ( especially gaming computers ) are generally more than 5 times as much as consoles. The other problem with computers is that after a couple of years, some components like a graphics card will render useless and you have to buy a new one if you want to keep up with the newer games. That can be pretty expensive, but paying those extra dollars will positively reflect in the quality of your games.  

My verdict is that both consoles and computers are great for gaming, but if you are willing to pay more, you can have a way better experience with a gaming desktop ( especially ones from Alienware ).         


  1. I've always been a PC gamer myself.

  2. I generally prefer console gaming. If I buy a new game, I can be sure it will run on my hardware. I can't afford a really nice gaming rig, so with computers it's always a guess.

    Now if I had more money, PC gaming hands down...